Denholm Elliot CBE


Once married to Virginia McKenna and, until his death by Susan Elliott, who wrote his biography - he was by self admission confused about what really made him happy. Denholm, during his marriage to Susan, came to recognise his bisexuality but found an identity through a remarkably open relationship.  They had a 30 year marriage. 


The much-loved actor's career had spanned nearly 40 years. One generation will remember his earlier roles such as the cuckolded husband in the Cruel Sea, however it will as Marcus Brody, the affable museum curator, that brought him to a new generation in the 1980's. Some of the roles he was offered were poor in the extremis - others were excellent, one of the talents that Denholm had was to rise above mediorce material.


Sadly, Elliott's still-thriving career was cut off in 1992, shortly after he completed the comedy 'Noises Off'. He had been suffering with AIDS for some time and he finally died of complications that year in Spain at the age of 70.

'Quest for Love' (1994)

Suggested films to see:

A room with a view (1985)
Defence of the Realm (1985)
The Cruel Sea (1953)





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