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In the late '80s, she met Swedish hotelier Johan Tham while attending an arts festival in Bath and the two were married the following year, a son following shortly thereafter. Moving back to England following their marriage, the couple made a home in Cornwall. Although her film roles would become increasingly sporadic over the next decade, Agutter did appear in small capacities in such features as Darkman (1990), Child's Play 2 (1990), and Blue Juice (1995). More frequent during this period were television roles, which included The Buccaneers (1995), Bramwell (1998), and a small-screen remake of The Railway Children in 2000 (this time playing the mother). She also appeared in the BBC drama as an MI5 officer in Spooks.

She was then drawn back into films at the dawn of the new millennium. Jenny firstly appeared in The Parole Officer (2001) and 'Number One Longing, Number Two Regret' (2002). In addition to her acting career, Agutter published a book of photography in 1984, 'Snap: Observations of London and Los Angeles', and over the years has become increasingly involved with charitable causes. Her particular charities are The Diabetic Association and NCH Action for Children - a charity which provides home and other help for homeless children – she has been involved with this for 5 years.

I've done both theatre and film and the fact is if you start believing, if you start reading things and they're good reviews - you believe that and you're lost, and then you read bad reviews and you think that's true and you read that and you're lost.


Suggested films to see:
Logans Run (1976)
Equus (1977) - disturbing!!
An American Werewolf in London (1981)



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