Joss Ackland CBE


In the 1990s he has appeared in 'The Secret Life of Ian Fleming' (as General Hellstein), 'The Hunt for Red October' and a number of other minor roles. In 2000 and 2001 he appeared in 'Passion of Mind' and 'Mumbo Jumbo' - and then with Harrison Ford in 'K-19: The Widowmaker' . He has been in 115 movies, hundreds of stage plays, and many other television shows.

Although he appeared in both Shakespeare plays and film comedies, he is revered as a villain, complemented by his stature and throaty voice. Ackland married Rosemary Kirkcaldy when he was just 23, and the couple had two sons and five daughters. One of his sons died several years ago. The couple's marital home was burnt down in the early 1960s with a pregnant Rosemary breaking her spine, but she defied doctors by walking again. When asked his hobbies in a 1981 interview, Joss Ackland listed his seven children. He was awarded a CBE in 2000.

Joss and his wife Rosemary were married for 51 years until her death from motor neurone disease in 2002.

"I do an awful lot of crap, but if it's not immoral, I don't mind. I'm a workaholic."


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