Nigel Patrick
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In the 1960s he made a strong return to the cinema serving as both actor and director in two films the brisk black comedy ‘How to Murder a Rich Uncle’ (1958) and the offbeat religious allegory ‘Johnny Nobody’ (1961). Nigel went on to appear in a number of episodes of the TV series ‘Zero One’ (1962-65) as a special investigator for British airlines. The show was was briefly syndicated in the U.S.

His last screen appearance was in John Huston's The Mackintosh Man (1973) alongside a host of his fellow actors from the last three decades such as David Mason, Michael Hordern and Harry Andrews.
He was long married to actress Beatrice Campbell until her death in 1979. Nigel passed away two years later of lung cancer. Just an interesting piece of trivia is that Beatrice came from Country Down, Northern Ireland – which is where I’m from.


Suggested films to see:
The Sound Barrier (1954)
Raintree County (1957)
The League of Gentlemen (1959)


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