Film Collectable's and Buying Advice

In this section I'm going to offer some advice if you buy items of film memorabilia. This is in response to a number of emails on the above subject. When I get a chance I'll post some of my own collection on here. The reasons for the creation of this section on film and cinema are numerous.

¥ I'm sick to death of people actually buying fake actors and actresses autographs on ebay
¥ The price of collectibles from dealers on the internet is extortionate.
¥ I'm interested in preserving British Film Collectable's and offering genuine advice on the latter.

This section is really advice when buying memorabilia, how to spot a fake, who to buy from and how much to pay.

So make your selection:


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james donald

James Donald
The Bridge on the River Kwai
The Great Escape

peter cushing

Peter Cushing

Hound of the Baskervilles
Dracula (1958)

virginia mckenna

Virginia McKenna

A town like Alice
Born Free





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