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I can't nagivate with the buttons/there are blank bits, what can i do?


I can't play your clips on the site, what can I do?



What was the inspiration for the site?

So what is a British movie by your definition?


Who is a British actor by your definition?


Why isn’t Bob Hoskins or Oliver Reed etc on your list?

There are some actors here I haven't even heard of, how are they famous?

What about Ewan McGregor, Kate Winslet or Emma Thompson; surely you can’t say they’re not great?

Desmond Llewelyn, Edward Fox, Denholm Elliot, what kind of contribution have they made?

What are Sid James and Kenneth Williams doing on your list, surely they really just did ‘Carry on’ movies?

Sid James and Basil Rathbone aren’t even British they’re South African!

Your choice of films seems strange; there are many classic British movies not there. What about ‘Brief Encounter’, ‘The Elephant Man’ and ‘The 39 Steps’?

Where did you get the graphics?

Where did you text come from?

This site is awful and no one likes you, why did you bother?















































































































































































British actors by my definition are those born inside Great Britain and Northern Ireland (The United Kingdom). I have made a few exceptions (notably Peter O'Toole) because I like him and he's too important to leave out.

I felt it necessary to disclude some actors because (although born here) moved to somewhere else and really took no interest in British film or theatre from that point. For example Cary Grant.

















You may need Divx codecs - these help Windows Media play some clips...they can be found by following this link just download and install them - the clips should then play...















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