28 Days Later

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Director:                   Danny Boyle
Producer                  Andrew Macdonald

Writer:                      Alex Garland
Music:                       John Murphy
Cinematography:    Anthony Dod Mantle

Music - John Murphy - In the House (to save right click)

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28 Days Later is not a zombie film, well it is sort of...ok it’s not... It takes a clever twist on the traditional Romero films and instead of the dead coming back from hell [because there’s no more space] instead these fellows are filled with rage…Think traffic jam on a hot day and the air con is broken or you’re married to Lena Headey [only to wake up and realise it was just a dream]. Anyway…

Beautifully directed by Danny Boyle in essence it’s a survivalist tale with some gruesome scenes and Lord of the Files morality. The landscape of England is a brutally scared and this disturbing setting for the film is shot gloriously with digital hand held cameras. Boyle also chooses to strip some of the colour out of some shots and enhance it in others. Indeed, the film boasts some startling imagery - most notably Jim on a deserted Westminster Bridge at rush hour, Jim wandering London's City and West End, the group driving up an empty M6 and greeted by a burning Manchester (Boyle's home town). If by that particular scene Boyle hasn’t managed to drown you with a tangible sense of hopeless and bleakness you’re probably already dead…

The story revolves around several survivors of the virus [passed by boldily fluids] and their attempt to find shelter and safety in the ravaged landscape of Britain. I don’t want to spoil it too much for you but the plot ticks along nicely within various vignettes along the way. The highlight is the ending with John Murphy’s amazing piece of music ‘In the house – in a heartbeat’ which you will recognise no doubt without me even describing it to you. The final scene in the house ranks in my top 20 film scenes of all time.

Cillian Murphy, looking disturbingly sickly and pale, plays Jim, the hero to the story. Murphy is terrific in this role because he is very believable and human – clearly there was no temptation to cast him as some action hero – in fact for most of the film just the opposite – a superb decision by Boyle. Naomie Harris plays Selena, another survivor who ends up teamed up with Jim after saving his life. Megan Burns plays the young girl and Brendan Gleeson is her father Frank; they make up the small band of survivors. Mention to should be made of Christopher Eccleston [an army major] who appears towards the latter 1/3 and is chillingly competent.








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