28 Days Later






Oh yes and less we forget ‘the infected’ which are beautifully made up and move with a grace that reminded me of how James Cameron had the Aliens move. Very different from Romeros zombies; rem these aren’t Zombies? but the infected can move quickly, if a little randomly and occasionally spurt blood ala The Exorcist. It's not without a couple of minor flaws but the film is a very good British horror film – yanks might wonder `why don't they all have guns' or `why is there no scary build up music to tell us when something is going to happen' but that is because this is a British film and not Hollywood.

Oh yes better address some of the critcism which forms two distinct groups: some people thought the ending was actually a little Holywood. Not so - it makes reasonable sense and for a mainly bleak film - well a little relief is welcome at the end.

The screenplay came in for a few broadsides, mainly to do with continuity and logic gaps. There are a few I admit - but honestly get over yourselves - why watch a movie to spot these? I didn't notice them until about the third watching and they sure didn't spoil it for me. Garland and Boyle offered us a new horror genre with superb cinematography and a thoughful script - enjoy that.







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28 days later