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The cinematography is beautiful from the moment they hit the ice[which they it reality did] with wide lens shots and stunning overhead pull backs done with helicopters which really give a sense of the isolation of the team. Compared with some big movies – and this was low budget – you really will be blown away. The musical themes [put toether by Adrian Johnston] are lovely and intensely moving as they to compliment both the isolation and comradely of the team beautifully.

In 1922 Shackleton went back once more to the Antarctic but died of a heart attack at the whaling station on South Georgia before he was able to set off for the ice. He was only 48. Clearly, the attraction was more than fame and fortune – he was in love with the place. Since then the whalers have gone and Antarctic is now the preserve of scientists and a small but growing number of tourists. Latter-day Shackletons have no great geographical questions to solve but still persist on doing things like trying to ski across the continent. I think I'll settle for the tourist ship myself, but it's vaguely comforting to know there are still such people around. The ship which was named Endurance has given it’s name to the Royal Navys Ice Patrol ship! HMS Endurance carries a survey motor boat named James Caird and other vessels called Eddie Shackleton and Dudley Docker [all will become apparent if you watch the film].

The film is hard to come by but when I was writing this review there were plenty available on ebay.








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