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The riveting tale starts from the slums of Mumbai. With a glib charm it gives us an engrossing depiction of their turbulent lives which take unanticipated turns time and again. It is commendable how brilliantly plots like the massacre of Muslims and the organized child- begging business are woven into the story. As is often the case to gain audience's sympathy for the characters, the film-makers do not resort to any emotional manipulation even in the most intense scenes. Instead, they establish a strong and resilient central character of Jamal backed up by equally powerful characters of Salim and Latika. Whenever they are in a spot of bother the viewer is rooting for them with all his heart just like in a football match when one supports a minnow against the league champion. Boyle manages to get plenty of tension into the movie, especially towards the end where you begin to root for the boy to go all the way. The ending credits give a strong nod to Bollywood and yet the soundtrack and dancing are such that it can be enjoyed by all audiences; whether they come from a Bollywood background or not.

It's simply great to see a multi oscar and BAFTA winning film that is 'mostly' funded by British backing.

Slumdog millionaire will uplift to a place where you are less cynical and in a more positive life state. My moment in the film is in the bathroom…you’ll know it when you see it….









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Slumdog Millionaire