The music is also exceptionally good, very much in keeping with the soul & vast presence of the Zulu army and their warrior-like chanting throughout the mountains encircling the small British Army at Rorke's Drift. John Barry composed the main score and he in my opinion does nothing wrong – ever!! Mention to must be made of the terrifying and electrifying presence and acting of the Zulus themselves in the movie – in the actor who plays the King Cetshwayo, Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi was a descendant of the character which he played.

In reading some other reviewers comments on the film I have noted that some feel that Cy Enfield should have cut the film about 30mins shorter. The key criticism is the development of the supporting characters. I have to say I strongly disagree and actually find myself rooting for Adendorff and Colour Sgt Bourne as much as the main actors.

I suppose in a forum such as this we must address the question of historical accuracy. It is true that the defenders of Rorkes Drift were not the South Wales Borderers but were in fact a Warwickshire regiment, they did however become the SWB shortly after the battle. There was also a problem with the character of Hook – who apparently was a nice guy and his family didn’t like his portrayal.

This just leaves room for a little morality at the end. I was consider that both Baker and Endfield are very fair in the treatment of the British soldiers and Zulu’s alike. The victory is not triumphalist and the defeat is not shaming. In fact both sides of the conflict are clearly shown to be brave and unswerving in dying for what they think is right. Perhaps the only loser is humanity in it all.

'Mr. Chard Sir! Patrol has come back, Zulus have gone. It's a miracle!' (Bourne)

'If it's a miracle Colour Sergeant, it's a short chamber, Boxer Henry, point 4-5 caliber miracle' (Chard)

'And a bayonet Sir! With some guts behind it!' (Bourne)

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