Carry on up the Khyber





The highlight has to be the final dinner sequence. In typically English fashion Sir Sidney decides to have dinner despite a full scale assault being launched on the mansion. During this sequence some of the highlights are, Joan Sims delivering the line:

‘I seem to be a little plastered’

...after being hit post falling masonry

Peter Butterworth remarking on the ‘terrible noise’ to which Sid James replies…

’yes it’s dreadful – they’re not a first class orchestra – mind you they’re doing their best’

To someone who has not seen the film or has but isn’t British these lines will not doubt be lost – but for straight forward no holes barred slapstick comedy – boy was it ahead of its day.

This film contains one of the most funny locations of any film anywhere! The Khyber Pass in India is actually filmed in the green rolling hills of Wales, I'm not sure if they meant to leave the 'Please shut the gate' sign on or not! The Extras, seen at the Khyber Pass, who are dressed as local "natives" look like locals that have been paid to wear Turbans for the day, and the make up department haven't even applied make up. If it were not so funny, then it just would not be the 'Carry On' it is. You just know too, that they must have had a great laugh trying to pull this one off. Pure admiration.

Many have commented on the overtly ‘patriotic’ writing on the flag at the end on the movie which says ‘I’m backing Britain’ – well hey sue me, but at least someone was proud to be British then – well done Gerald. Our present prime minister would have several focus groups on the issue and then decide on a comprise along the lines of:

‘I think in principal we can endorse, at least the concept, of semi inclusive backing – reliant on further investigation’

I wonder how you would get that all on a flag Gordon...










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Carry on up the Khyber