Mention too should be made of John Barrys haunting score for the movie which I would highly recommend. It is one of the finest film scores of recent years and I have included an example of it at the start of the 1st page.

Putting the film into a more historical context, Sir Winston Churchill once said with telling insight that

‘In war-time, truth is so precious she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies’

In an age not so long ago when men and women honoured, without second thought, their legal and moral obligation to keep state secrets safe the story of the extraordinarily successful codebreaking by Bletchley Park civilians and military personnel long remained unknown. For the cryptanalyst there were no medals, no citations and no one even spoke of the work done at Bletchley Manor – but they saved 10,000s of allied lives.

There is action here (but it is secondary) - the most interesting battle is that fought by brilliant minds with little time and under almost unbelievable pressures – how this is represented on screen is the films strength. My advice to you is let the story wash over you – enjoy the details, the nuances and the characters and you’ll have a mighty good night in.








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