Director:                         Richard Attenborough
Producer:                       Richard Attenborough
Associate Producer:     Suresh Jindal
Co-Producer:                 Rani Dube
Script:                              John Briley
Cinematography:          Ronnie Taylor & Billy Williams
Original Music:               George Fenton & Ravi Shankar



The film opens with Gandhi's assassination. The next scene, his funeral, is one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history. Attenborough managed to recreate Gandhi's funeral on January 31st, 1981, the 33rd anniversary of the actual funeral. It is estimated that nearly 400,000 people were on hand to be a part of the filming the recreation. This film was made before CGI, so the funeral scene is probably the last live action crowd of that magnitude that will ever be filmed. There are definite touches of the ‘Lean’ in the way the film is made.

The cinematography is exquisite on this film. The scenes of India are spectacular, and India is very much another character in the film. This film is as much about India itself as it is about Gandhi. Attenborough shows the audience the people of India from its countryside to the vast city of Calcutta. It is suggested by Kingsley, on the DVD, that Attenborough had a difficult time with the elite class in India at the time of filming. They were against the making of such a film by an Englishman. Undeterred by their negative thinking, he persevered to enlist thousands of Indians to help make this film. Every crowd scene, he used real Indians from the area. Attenborough also won both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for best direction.

Ben Kingsley was the perfect for the role of the little man. He resembled the real Gandhi and he was young enough to portray Gandhi as a young man. He nailed that British influenced Indian accent; he was a relatively unknown actor at the time, so the "big-time actor" persona did not get in the way of viewing the film. He did win both the Academy Award and Golden Globe for best actor, for this role, which he deserved. He became Gandhi.











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