Great Expectations




The keys to producing any good film rendition of a novel are compressing the story enough to fit it into a two-hour time frame, while at the same time maintaining the story’s integrity-its character, ideas, and feeling. Lean successfully distils a long and complex novel, written in the first person, into a compelling visual narrative covering no more than two hours. In this film, perhaps more than in any other, he makes us care about the characters, and casts the kind of cinematic spell very few directors are capable of, bringing into play a powerful visual narrative that hints at big themes and elemental forces. Great Expectations offers a near perfect balance of human sentiment and visual grandeur.

David Lean's crisp rendering of Dicken's classic is one of the great translations of literature to film. Guy Green's award-winning, film noir cinematography offsets the rich, exuberant tale of Pip, played by John Mills. True to the vibrant spirit of Dickens, "Great Expectations" is the rare film that does justice to its source.









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Great expectations