Lock, stock and two smoking barrels




Even though most of the actors weren’t exactly very well known [many certainly are now] – they worked together wonderfully on this film. Undoubtedly Vinnie Jones steals the show. Since his career as a professional soccer player, he not only has the reputation of being a tough guy, he's also excellent in playing this kind of roles in the movies. It doesn't happen very often that someone who has not come from an acting background is still able to act very well in a role that is larger than the average cameo, but Vinnie Jones proves that it is possible.

One of the most quoteable movies in recent history, and rightly so. Every character has their scene, and Ritchie never leaves the camera standing. Fantastic, graceful, indulgent, emphatic, whatever you want to call 'Lock, Stock', just make sure you appreciate how cool it is.

Just wait for the final line of Vinny Jones...







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Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels