The Cruel Sea





One of the harshest campaigns of World War II was the Battle for the Atlantic, where the sailors of merchant convoys braved foul weather and U-Boat wolf packs to keep supply lines open for a beleaguered Britain.Without the arrival of convoys Britain could have been starved into submission by Hitler's Germany and the very bad guys would have had an excellent chance of winning the war. Fortunately they didn't and in 1953


The Cruel Sea splashes the salt spray in your face and has you biting your nails in the expectation of a torpedo amidships. Its power comes from the tension of fighting an unseen enemy and the psychological effects that had on officers and men.


Also interesting was for scenes like the lift raft they really were bobbing up and won in a large tank full of freezing oil and water at the studio, Im not sure youd get many stars these days enduring such conditions.






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The cruel sea