The Italian Job



The use of the original Mini Coopers as the getaway cars is also inspired; their small size, excellent handling, good turn of speed and the fact that they were currently being built under license by an Italian firm based in Turin, the setting of the heist, all contribute to the fun of the chase. And the efforts of Remy Julienne and his stunt team certainly don't hurt; the knowledge that all of these stunts were done for real, not by computer imagery, is impressive


Having originally had a different ending to the film, of the team driving off into sunset, one of the producers came up with the current closure which leaves the film on a cliff-hanger, so to speak; which wasn't supported by the entire crew, but has proved to be a winner. No other film has had such a open and inventive ending as The Italian Job.


The film is a perfect example of British inspiration which lead to one of the most influential comedy capers of all time.




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The Italian job