The Spy who loved me



Interestingly there are several new characters are introduced in the film who would return in subsequent films of the series. They include Walter Gotell as Russian General Gogol and Geoffrey Keen as the British Minister of Defense. Lois Maxwell is there as Miss Moneypenny and in expanded roles Bernard Lee as "M" and is ever watch-able Desmond Llewelyn as "Q". The Spy who loved me is one of those rare films where all the talents come together at their peek of perfection delivering an impeccable film.

The comedy in this movie was significantly subdued after the near parody of "The Man with the Golden Gun." Thank goodness. The humour had become overwhelming and distracting. Moore's Bond is relatively serious in this film (was as serious as Moore gets), with the fewest one-liners and double entendre's of any of the previous several Bond films. The result is a much more serious and effective spy movie.

This movie succeeds with a solid plot that is a throw back to the earliest Connery films, a solid cast, excellent locations, and plausible gadgets. One of the best of the series and definitely  Moore's best.




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The spy who loved me