The Wild Geese



There’s a strong comic line in this film despite the seriousness of the story and the situation in which they find themselves. One of my favourites is when Burton and Harris meet Moore for the first time and Faulkner asks Rafer what he is carrying (in terms of weapons) Rafer replies,

‘I’m carrying this (pistol) and this (grenade)…it sort of balances me up…’

Burton, Moore, Harris, Kruger and Watson deliver some excellent performances, displaying the kind of charismatic toughness one would expect from hardened soldiers. Ntshona, as I have already mentioned does a good job as the ailing ex-president. The action scenes are frequent and fantastic, and the weaponry and squad tactics displayed seem completely credible. In fact, this 36 year old flick manages to rival and surpass, most contemporary military films. While part of its strength is in story line and action the strong characterisations from the leads are the film's most enduring elements.

Allegedly, loosely based on "Mad Mike" Hoares mercenary crew and their incredible adventures controlling tribal violence and rescuing Westerners in the Belgian Congo in the early 60s. In fact he was a technical advisor on the film.

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The wild geese