Peter Cushing Film

Too good to be true - not so... It was twelve years to the day on the 11th August 1994 that Peter passed away. To celebrate his memory I have created a short piece of work which consists of a compliation of films and photographs of the great man - it is about 6 mins long. I'm afraid I can't take credit for the originality - the BBC showed a pastiche of his films on the weekend he died accompanied by the haunting music from Schindlers List - that was the inspiration for this project.

Well for the 1st time ever - you can own this short film - it is completely unique. It has taken a couple of weeks to complete but I'm not interested in money for the work - just that people who were/are affected by Peters life may gain some joy from watching the movie.

It is burned as an SVCD (just like a DVD) and will run in any DVD player or computer. I am not charging for the project, but I'm afraid I will have to ask you to cover postage. I have detailed rates and times below at cost price:

UK: £0.75 (a couple of days)

Europe: £1.25 (4-5 days)

Everywhere else: £1.75 (2-4 weeks)

If you would like a copy of the DVD please email me at I will take payment though paypal at - please be sure to give me your address on the email!

It would make a lovely gift for someone who is a fan and I know they will be deeply touched by the images and music; just as I have been in the making of it. I am also going to sell these on Ebay - but through this site you get it completely free!! That's how Peter would have wanted it. My thanks to Chris Gullo of The Peter Cushing Association for providing me with a rare photograph.

If you enjoy the film please let me know and I will post your comments below.

There is an edited - low res version below just click on the link - the DVD should be available from 31st July 2006 and I will take orders after that date.

                                                                                         Peter Cushing Clip


Yours, in all sincerity, Peter