Great British Film Movie Scores

Below is a guide to British movie theme composers and some of their music. Click below on the name to guide you to the composers page. A sample of their music is also available by clicking on the relevant theme ..enjoy...

Ron Goodwin - Best known for his stirring theme to 633 Squadron

John Barry - Hugely successful current British composer

Eric Coates - Unforgettable theme to 'The Dambusters'

Elmer Bernstein - 'Adopted' Brit for the purposes of this website.

John Addison - The man who gave us 'A Bridge too Far'

Roy Budd - Another adopted Brit

James Bernard - The man who terrified us with Hammer Horror

Eric Rogers - The man behind those classically patriotic 'Carry On' movies

David Arnold - The new 'Bond Man'

Harry Gregson Williams - Spy Game lots you wouldn't even realise!

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