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Welcome, you've made it this far, you must be a curious soul... If you've spent some time in the site I truly hope you've enjoyed it. As you may imagine there has been a fair amount of work since 2004 - it's been all worthwhile...I recommend it:) Drop me a line with changes, suggestions or questions - I always reply!

I feel that websites can be very impersonal places and I'm keen not for this one to be (we Brits are very friendly) so I thought a little back story about me might be appropriate. My name is PJ Martin (Peter) and Im from Northern Ireland (NOT IRELAND) it's like saying because the US and Canada are on the same piece of land with a border - they're the same country! Some of us are touchy about such things hehe!

I Lecture in Economics, Management and Leadership in the 2nd largest college in the UK. I enjoy reading non fiction, good red wine, skiing, the odd cigar and game of poker. I (used to) rock climb indoors and outdoors whenever I could. I've popped in a little link HERE to show you a picture of a friend of mine (Carl McClean) after he got hit with a rock on a fall. If you're squeamish..don't even go near it!!! It wasn't as bad as it looks...It was however funny when he went into a garage to buy a packet of Marlboro reds...

Also here I thought I'd pay tribute to my long suffering wife here and thank MJ for all her love and support towards a boy who's so into their BORING films:) She did voluntarily watch 'The Great Escape' with me!! Here is a LINK to a page which shows me under Le Pont Alexandre (where they filmed Ronin) in romantic Paris - I dragged MJ (in the rain) to the underside of the bridge just so I could say I stood with Reno, DeNiro, Bean and Frankenheimer. Also here is a LINK to a picture of me in Prague (with MJ) where they shot the Johnny Depp movie 'From Hell'.

Also I enjoy new challenges and in april/june 2007 I built a car/boat and if you missed the link due to a update on the front page the resulting mayhem can be seen HERE!!

So why a site on British actors and films? Well Ive grown up with an interest in films and the military and I think the second of these flavours my choice of actors and films. In the FAQs I point out that I dont claim these are the best British actors or films we have theyre just my favourites and I have detailed in each of the sections why feel this to be the case.

There are many fine American (and world) films / actors out there - some of whom I very much admire, but in my research on the web I discovered any number of sites where you could find information on them. This is why I focused on the British Film Industry which has had its ups and downs. I also was very keen to bring something new to the internet...more detail than other sites had on obscure actors or films...I trust I've been successful in that.

Some actors did not win awards or receive the accolades that perhaps I felt that they should have most have now sadly passed away. Over the years they have given me so much enjoyment through watching them on screen well I suppose this is a small way of saying thanks. I hate to pull out actors for special attention but Im going to anyway. Anthony Quayle, Jack Hawkins, Laurence Olivier, Peter Cushing and Peter Sellers.

A note to any of you out there who would love to make their mark on the 'net' but don't want to have to do a website. If you have a favourite British film or actor - please email me. I'm always looking to add to what is already here and if you wanted to do a review I could put it up, whilst giving you full credit.

Finally thanks to all those who helped on the conception and deliverance of this site.





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